Thehigh cutting speed and very low operating costs make LPKF MicroLine systems the most affordable on the market.
LPKF uses a cutting edge fiber laser system with custom optics and puts operator safety first. All LPKF Stencil Laser systems have class 1 for laser safety and have a cutting edge fume and cutting residue extractor.

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    LPKF systems are capable of cutting all kinds of stencils that are used in the industry, both frame and frameless, are compatible with most laser frame systems including LPKF ZelFlex, Vectorguard, Alpha Tetra, The Wizzard and many more.

    The systems are equipped with a camera for stencil refill and are able to engrave logos and other reading identifications optics such as barcodes or matrix codes. LPKF solutions can cut accurate microparts in a variety of thin materials. Long-life fiber laser technology eliminates the need to regularly replace expensive flashlamps used by the laser systems of the past. Moreover, all the solutions have low consumption, guaranteeing the minimum.

    In a few simple steps, each operator is able to produce high quality matrices with minimal training. With user-friendly interface, the operator can select the appropriate frame from the library, load the stencil, select the cutting work and press START – all from a simple home screen.


    • Cutting area: 600×800 mm
    • Maximum thickness: 4mm
    • Maximum frame size:740x1800x40 mm
    • Axial accuracy: +/- 2 µ
    • Maximum weight: 2200 kg
    • Maximum size:1530x1920x1625