General description

Our LPFK laser depaneling systems, based on the innovative laser technology, are able to offer you the most flexible and very high quality for cutting printed circuit boards.
The new family of depaneling systems in fact offers a combination of unprecedented benefits in terms of performance, saving reliability

Informaton and characteristics
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The most flexible process and of the for the cut of the circuits printed

Clean cut, without carbonizations, contamination-free ionic (clean cut technology)

Cut in the absence of
mechanical stress: the la quality of component not
is compromised

Precise grazing cut to the component: beam size Laser 20 μ

Discover the range of our LPKF laser depanelling


LPKF laser systems are the most suitable solution for processing components extremely small with maximum precision high speed. As a result, LPKF systems
guarantee productivity up to 25%.
Moreover, our solutions guarantee the total absence of mechanical stress and a saving 30% more PCB per panel.
The laser process is completely controlled by a software and separation process of the PCB is performed by a focused laser beam that abla layer after layer the material.
Our solutions offer significant advantages over mechanical separation methods conventional.


  • Precise cuts
  • High design freedom
  • Surrounding material free of mechanical stress
  • User friendly
  • Sophisticated integrated software