atg electronics distributes Atg Luther & Maelze systems. Flying Probe systems from atg are from a unique multi-rail concept, allowing for test systems with up to 24 test heads. All systems guarantee exceptional productivity in the final electrical testing process, in the case of the automated versions.

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High quality measurements

Soft touch Probe

Productivity Unmatched

Suitable for rigid, flexible PCBs, inner layers

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With the unique “multi head” technology you get exceptional performance of speed and productivity in the bare board sector. Thanks to the speed developed in the latest models, the systems are able to electrically test medium and large quantities. This allows you to optimize costs by eliminating the construction of text devices.


  • Sistema di collaudo ad alta velocità con tecnologia di movimentazione a motori lineari
  • 8 test heads
  • Elevata qualità di test
  • Shuttle del sistema con tensionatore pneumatico per le schede flessibili e sottili
  • Area di test massima 24 “x 20” (610mm x 508mm)
  • Sistemi disponibili in versione manuale o completamente automatica
  • Kelvin test ed embedded component test