FEMTO LASER μ-machining is the most advanced laser technology to process a wide range of materials.
With each FEMTO LASER pulse that hits the piece, a small amount of material vaporizes immediately. The removal of the material occurs in a controlled manner and does not cause damage, burrs or negative influences on the integrity of the material.

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Suitable for drilling Duo ceramics

Ideal for the production of PROBE CARDS

5 axles for all types of puncture

Stable and repeatable quality

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Thanks to very low heat diffusion time (< 300 fs), thermal effects are avoided. Surface and geometries quality is improved due to high energy density. High repetition rate allows excellent productivity.



  • FEMTO source < 300 fs
  • Highest level of accuracy and productivity
  • Stable and repeatable quality
  • Cold ablation keeping material integrity (NAZ)
  • Proven performance in 24/7 industrial environment