Printprocess Apollon

Exposure with the high pressure lamp

PRINTPROCESS AG produces UV-LED direct image displays and a wide range of multilayer PCB recording systems.
The R&D department develops complete or custom solutions to meet the needs in the production of PCB and in the process of exposure in the industry chemical milling (chemical engraving of metals.

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Better ratio between consumption and productivity

Integrated automation design

System with expandable LED modules

Overpressurized system

Printprocess Apollon – Exposure with LED Technology


The UV-LED direct image display is the most innovative solution because it combines the benefits in the use of sources with low energy consumption and long life (up to 25,000 hours) with the widespread DMD technology from Texas Instruments.
The different wavelengths used allow to expose effectively and with great precision surfaces treated with dry film and solder resist products both standard and low energy absorption.
All Apollon versions are modular and can be implemented with additional LED modules that increase the speed of exposure as well as to the possible completion of loading and unloading integrated automatic.


  • APOLLON E 10: Manual direct image digital system
  • APOLLON OF A 10: Automatic online direct image digital system
  • APOLLON OF A11: Direct image digital system with automatic inline reversal
  • APOLLON OF A 12: Automatic online direct image digital system