We found our origins in the family business, where tradition has always accompanied innovation.
On request of the the leading German brand atg Luther & Maelzer we founded the new atg-italy srl as an exclusive reference for Italy in the sale and technical assistance of electrical test systems.

Our fast growth has led us to collect several brands including the German company LPKF, a specialist in laser applications and a reference point in the electronics market.

From 2018 Atg begins an expansion process which has also included international markets. In 2021 born the new atg electronics srl SB, based on ethical, social and environmental sustainability. Our consulting leadership on the Italian market is consolidated!

Taking advantage from our experience in the field of electronics by taking up the challenges of the market with passion and perseverance, establishing ourselves as a leading company in the Italian market in offering innovative solutions for assembly and production of PCB.

Our staff is made up of specialized technicians able to provide technical support and training and consultants able to understand the needs of companies and market changes, always proposing strategic solutions.

Who choose our services rely on a group of professionals who support companies in all stages of production, from conception to prototyping up to production and after-sales services.

Build the future together

A young and dynamic company

Machinery of high construction quality and reliability

We offer our expertise to manufacturers of PCBs

Atg Italy has highly specialized technicians


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